Chef Marie-France shares her recipes!
Chef: Marie-France Desrosiers

Free spirits

March 2, 5 p.m.
Chez Chose 1879 Bélanger St.

514 843-2152    18 +

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that taste the best! Our chef has prepared a tantalizing tapa menu, with each item offered at the same price. This allows you to design your own menu découverte, with as many courses as you like. You’ll also get to keep a recipe booklet so you can recreate our chef’s unique dishes at home.
Book fast! This unique opportunity to discover our chef’s secrets will only happen one night!
Tapas: 1 choice for $14, 2 choices for $26, 3 choices for $36, 4 choices for $44, 5 choices for $50
With beer: plus $3 per tapas
With wine: plus $6 per tapas
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