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Bar George

1440, rue Drummond
(514) 669-9243
  • Bar George reçoit Nick Liu

    Avec : Nick Liu

    99 $ menu, 159 $ avec vin

      • 514-669-9243
      Un authentique menu dégustation autour de la cuisine nordique, vue par notre chef Kevin Ramasawmy. Un souper spécial de quatre services, avec possibilité d’accords mets-vins, mettant en vedette des ingrédients locaux raffinés. Il sera accompagné de Nick Liu, chef au DaiLo, à Toronto, et de l’équipe du Bar George.
      • 17 février - 18 février

      • Nick Liu

        Chef Nick Liu’s love for the culinary arts began while working under Executive Chef Brad Long at the famed CN Tower 360 Restaurant. After completing his culinary diploma, Chef Liu went on to enhance his skills at Toronto’s fine-dining restaurant, Scaramouche. He then embarked on a 3-year journey learning new techniques from some of the best chefs around the world. Once Chef Liu returned to Canada, he was inspired to bring a new style of cuisine that would revolutionize how people saw new Asian cuisine.   As Executive Chef & Partner at the critically-acclaimed DaiLo in Toronto, Nick is known for his delicate handling of bold Asian flavours with traditional French techniques. His support of local farmers and businesses, and his love of sourcing and foraging local ingredients prove his dedication towards sustainability. Chef Liu celebrates diversity and continuously encourages everyone to do the same. As an expert on New Asian Cuisine, he is a TEDx speaker, TV personality (including Iron Chef Canada) and a culinary pundit. Having worked at Michelin-star restaurants around the world and owning one of Canada’s top restaurants, Chef Liu has earned numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the culinary world.
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