Kitchen Swap - Le Chasse-Galerie
Chef : Alexandre St-Amand Tremblay
with : Hakim Chajar

February 25, starting at 6 p.m.
Le Chasse-Galerie 4110 St. Denis Street   

The Chasse-Galerie and the Miel restaurant will be swapping teams on February 25 and 26, offering a six-course menu in the spirit of their respective restaurants, but in a different setting. Chef Hakim Chajar and his team will bring their talent to Chasse-Galerie on February 25, and chef Alexandre St-Amand Tremblay will do the same with his team at Miel restaurant on February 26.
$99, 6-course meal before wine (tax and tip not included)
Hakim Chajar

Hakim Chajar (Montreal)

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