Winter BBQ with Gaspor farm
Chef : Dylan Baird

February 23, 6 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Le Local 740 William St.   

The Gaspor Farm from the Lower Laurentians visits Le Local for the Nuit Gourmande only! Their suckling pig is an exceptional product. It is so well-known that they are now exporting it to international markets. Obtained from animals raised with utmost respect and care, the meat is tender and white. With chef Dylan Baird, our guests will put on their coats and hats for a unique culinary experience: Gaspor's piglet, cooked on the BBQ on the terrace of the restaurant. You'll be able to sit indoors or enjoy the warmth of the BBQ outdoors.
$35, before wine (tax and tip not included)
$55, including wine (tax and tip not included)
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