On-site regulations

To ensure public safety and fulfil the duties that go along with staging large-scale events, the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE team has set out a series of regulations. We’re counting on your collaboration to ensure that your visit is both pleasant and safe.

Pets are not allowed on public sites, with the exception of duly-identified service dogs

The following items are prohibited on the Festival site:

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Glass and aluminium.
  • Bikes and skate boards.
  • Containers of alcoholic beverages (other containers must have their caps removed).
  • Any other objects likely to compromise the security of festival-goers.

On March 2, specific rules will also be put into effect for Nuit blanche à Montréal:

To guarantee everyone a safe and pleasant time, the Festival would like to remind you that alcoholic beverages purchased outside the perimeters of the outdoor site will not be allowed. This rule also applies to all circuits and areas hosting Nuit blanche activities.

Sale and solicitation will be strictly prohibited on the site. Festival-goers who conduct themselves in an inappropriate or dangerous manner will be asked to leave the site.

These regulations will be in effect during the Festival’s opening hours.

Thank you for your collaboration.