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Spotlight on Montreal!

Spotlight on Montreal!

Having welcomed some 450 chefs and wine producers from 5 continents, it seemed perfectly natural for us to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival by spotlighting the birthplace of all this gourmet pleasure: our own city, and its chefs and culinary creators. We are indeed very fortunate to be blessed with so much talent right here at home, and the chefs of the festival’s Finest Tables have undeniably illustrated they have what it takes to host the world’s culinary greats. It’s their turn to take centre stage!

Likewise, we have extended the pairings concept—the festival signature—by inviting the chefs of the festival’s Finest Tables to cook up new activities that reach beyond the borders of the purely culinary, to amaze us with exciting cross-discipline partnerships. The result: guests from all walks of life (artists, athletes, journalists...) will join the chefs for incredibly original evenings as part of our series Planète Montréal.

Yes, we’ve taken the opportunity presented by this anniversary edition to whip up a touch of innovation, creating several brand new series with evocative titles! Why? For sheer gourmet pleasure, of course, but also because we thought they’d allow you, the festival fan, to more easily select your favourite activities among the multitude of attractive propositions offered in the gastronomy program.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to offer our profound thanks to the chefs, kitchen brigades and owners of the cuisine festival’s Finest Tables for their phenomenal work over the past 15 years. Their bottomless creativity never ceases to renew itself, as you’ll see from the activities they offer in these pages, all of which are absolutely bursting with zest, warmth and originality.

The festival is truly delighted to honour our professionals and, above all, to do so by welcoming you to join in the celebration!

Germaine Salois
Program Director

Jean-Pierre Curtat


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