Jessica Harnois talks wine with Alexandre!
Chef: Christian Peillon
with : Jessica Harnois

Planète Montréal

February 24, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Alexandre et fils 1454 Peel St.   

Chez Alexandre’s 40th anniversary celebrations continue during MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE. Once again, we are thrilled to welcome star sommelier Jessica Harnois as our guest of honour. The wines selected by Jessica Harnois will dictate the meal prepared by our chef.
3-course menu and 3 cheeses: $40 (taxe and tip not included)
Jessica Harnois

Jessica Harnois (Quebec)

Alexandre et fils

Jessica Harnois is a sommelier, event hostess and the president of Vins au féminin. She shares her passion on radio, in magazines, on TV or in her wine guide Un Sommelier à votre table 2. Through Savori, she offers courses all over Quebec, and she has just created her own collection of wines, Bù.
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