Festival Art Souterrain - Complexe Guy-Favreau

Art Souterrain

March 3, 6 p.m. - March 4 , 1 a.m.
Art Souterrain - Complexe Guy-Favreau 200 René-Lévesque West Blvd.  map


This Nuit blanche, join us on a contemporary art circuit laid out in Montréal’s underground city, where you can experience live performances, unexpected encounters with the artists, and enjoy insightful discussions with mediators all night long! Join the Sorting party of Mindy Yan Miller to create a clothes installation.

Labor Improbus: Work is a recurring issue in art history which, even today, questions and inspires artists from all walks of life. Through a wide and varied selection of Quebec, Canadian and international artists, this new edition aims to highlight a timeless subject, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, that contemporary artists like to question, denounce, caricature and... work on!
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