Ideas to help you plan your Nuit blanche

If you don’t know which way to turn with a program of 200 super-intriguing activities to pick from, here are a few custom-made circuits to help you plan out your evening!

Family activities

A selection of entertaining and inspiring activities focused on parents and children.

Out of the Ordinary

An array of sites introducing you to art in all its forms for a dazzling, inspiring Nuit!

  • 10
    ESPACES DES ARTSDiscover the incredible allure of rope bondage arts.
  • 45
    USINE CJoin in a wild, festive evening of spontaneous creativity.
  • 46
    ESPACE SANS LUXEDive into an urban cultural experience fusing dance, house and live street art.
  • 79
    ACCUEIL BONNEAUDiscover the social heritage of the mission and an exhibition created by the lads of Bonneau.
  • 88
    LIBRAIRIE GALLIMARDHear the story of your murder as spun by detective fiction writers.
  • 115
    THÉÂTRE AUX ÉCURIESA sensory experience: a dance/jig performance… in the dark!

Multifaceted activities

Roll up your sleeves and help create a project that unveils new talents.

The 67 Special

An original panoramic view of 1967 that offers a glimpse of the legacy of the Expo, the city’s ambitious projects and the zeitgeist of the era.

  • 36
    MUSÉE McCORDDesign an Expo-era dress while you enjoy a retro concert by Les Requins.
  • 58
    MAISON DE L’ARCHITECTUREGet ready to discover the ambitious architectural and urban projects launched by Mayor Drapeau.
  • 75
    MUSÉE DU CHÂTEAU RAMEZAYListen to storytellers as they spin out unusual tales about the surprising artifacts of the Expo.
  • 81
    CINÉMA DU PARCScreen a selection of short films created as part of the Expo.
  • 86
    GALERIE YELLOWFISHARTExplore the film Expo67: Mission Impossible in a photo and video exhibition.
  • 116
    ESPACE LA RISÉETake a comical look at the female condition and the technologies of the ‘60s.

The curious

An invitation to discover the city and its many stories. A wide array of guided visits, demonstrations and guaranteed surprises! You’ll be amazed by how much you’ll learn!

Man and his New Technologies

From video mapping to virtual reality: an array of opportunities to discover original amalgams of new technologies and art.

  • 51
    UQAM Plunge into the dreamlike, immersive world of Mirage.
  • 65
    ESPACE CERCLE CARRÉEnjoy archival projections and unique digital art creations.
  • 69
    THÉÂTRE CENTAURFollow a circuit of projections that immerse you in the history of Montreal.
  • 91
    LAIKADiscover a project combining tape art and video mapping.
  • 108
    ART LOUNGE MTLDiscover an immersive video installation.
  • 124
    EASTERN BLOCDraw inspiration from interactive installations and sound art.

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